Smart Campus Solution
Intelligent operation management
Visualization of operation
Scientific decision-making management
Centralized operation and maintenance management
Smart campus(IOC)
Intelligent application of functional area
Office area/Conference room/Intelligent reception
Dining room/Tea room/Toilet/Activity room
Park management/Parking lot/Equipment room/Exhibition hall/Roof/Warehouse
Intelligent environment control
Intelligent map/Intelligent lighting/Intelligent curtain/Intelligent air conditioning/Intelligent access control/Face recognition/Air environment detection energy consumption monitoring/Video monitoring intelligent firefighting/Intelligent parking/Interactive robot
Intelligent system
Intelligent park control system
Intelligent building control system/Fire alarm system/Energy efficiency monitoring system/Environmental quality system/Air conditioning fresh air system intelligent lighting system
Intelligent Building
  • One stop data collection
  • Real time monitoring and reverse control
  • Intelligent hardware data reporting
  • Security warning and task control
Smart Lighting
Smart Locker
Visitor Management
Smart Meeting
Environmental Monitoring
Smart Workspace
Smart Workspace
Intelligent Building Application
Space Visualization
Work Space Management
Smart Canteen
Building Navigation
Asset Management
Visitor Managementa
Conference Booking
Energy Monitoring
Face Recognition
Equipment Maintenance
Intelligent Robot
Air Quality
Smart Parking
Fow Statistics
Smart Office
One platform + more than 30 kinds of intelligent office applications,
For mobile office 7 smart office modules, Unified management platform, For smart office.
AIoT Future of Workplace routine takes
the interpretation of "Future Space
Management" as the vision