Visitor Management
Intelligent, Fashion, Safety Visitor Management Solution
By the application of the visitor reservation, notification, sign in, sign out alert and access control, Virsical Visitor manager is making the registration process quick and easy . Increasing the efficiency of reception and visitor’s better experience. It’s a smart and safety systems to manager your guests.
Smart Meeting
Conference Lifecycle Service Management Solution
Through the integrated meeting management system, the conference service system of the whole life cycle is established; it can be seamlessly integrated with a variety of systems and linked with a variety of intelligent hardware, bringing the enterprise a new type of intelligent, efficient, simple and easy meeting room reservation management experience.
Smart Workspace
Work Space Management Solution
Virsical Smart Workspace System can manage, analyze, and optimize both mobile and fixed workspaces. It maximizes the utilization of existing workspace resources by dynamically copes with the workspace needs of Enterprises.
Smart Signage
Smart Signage Management
Virsical smart signage presents the real time utilization of Work spaces, precise meeting location, overall data of office environment, air quality condition and power consumption statistics together allow visibility of healthy working environment.
Smart Office
Enterprise collaborative platform
Virsical provides more than 30 Apps and functional modules. It's provides a fundamental intelligent platform for managing Enterprise staff's mobile Apps and App markets. This enables multiple Enterprises branches and Campuses to enjoy Cloud base Operations, including charging and related management functions.