Professional Services
Based on network system lifecycle, we provide a wide range of services for enterprises from preparation, planning, design to deployment, operation and optimization. We can help you manage and leverage the latest network technology to improve overall ROI of the network system. From constructing, running to extending your network, we can provide professional integration services and cloud computing services for you.
Core Competence
  • Leading Enterprise Network + Smart Office transform
  • Over 200 software and hardware technical engineers
  • Obtained multiple management system certificatio
  • Rich experience large project implementation
Consulting Service
Based on your business requirements, consulting service provide detailed design from framework to infrastructure and from network optimization to security enhancement, covering network planning, routing strategies, collaboration applications and security strategy etc.
Implementation Service
We fully understand the importance of network on supporting enterprise business operation and always guarantee project delivery on demand and on time.
Maintenance Service
Wafer Systems provides flexible services from multiple angels to help enterprises ensure smooth network operation. Our maintenance services are categorized according to different service time periods from 5x8 to 7x24 with different SLA, thus to meet the requirements from different enterprises and ensure service quality and efficiency.
Training Services
Based on years of experience in client services and project practices, Wafer Systems provides a series of training services for our clients’ specific requirements. The training service is updated along with the latest development of network technologies from basic network routing to advanced UC, Smart Wi-Fi and Smart office tec.
Evaluation Service
Network Optimization Service (NOS) aims to optimize Network Performance, improve Network Scalability, ensure Network Availability and enhance ROI. We help you understand the current status and develop strategy for future network development, empower your network and boost your business.
Operation Outsourcing
With our developed software and hardware, we can provide you with 7x24 network monitoring and management services with automatic network analysis reports. These reports could be a base for you to fix, manage and optimize your network.