Data Communication
From the three levels of data communication infrastructure construction, data communication value-added application and data communication operation management, the next generation of information infrastructure platform with simplicity, integration and intention driven is constructed for the organization. The solution involves infrastructure network of Service Providers and enterprise, Software Defined Data Center / Campus Network / WAN network, information security and compliance reinforcement and other related fields, to help organizations establish the best performance data communication infrastructure.
Information Security
The solution covers the traditional cloud security, boundary security, terminal security and data security fields in the whole lifecycle and overlaps the intelligent analysis of traffic behavior and content load to realize the active defense for unknown threats. At the same time, it can meet the requirements of information security compliance construction and reinforcement driven by all kinds of events, such as level protection, situation awareness, zero trust, and trusted cloud.
It provides the whole scene audio and video communication and contact center infrastructure based on IP architecture, and the physical conference, video conference and web conference collaboration scenarios for full access, to meet the growing demand of telecommuting and collaboration , and to bring the best experience to users.
Virtualization and Cloud Computing
Provide customers with Hyper-Flex private cloud solutions based on commercial bare metal virtualization or container platform, and build the infrastructure of verified virtual desktop, big data and other core business systems. In addition, it can further build hybrid or multi cloud platforms in combination with mainstream public cloud providers.
IoT and Edge Computing

Community and smart manufacturing. Relying on the mainstream narrowband and industrial IoT standards, it uses the edge nodes of

the network to realize the localization of sensing, computing and analysis capabilities, and constructs the green architecture of IoT+fog computing.