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Wireless Network

With the features of flexibility, fast-deployment and individualization, once applied to carrier access network, Wireless Access technology can provide users with easy and flexible Internet access. Wireless Access is suitable for public areas with huge traffics and data requirements like airports and large exhibition centers, as well as scenarios that need fast network deployment and environments that cable is not available. Therefore, building public wireless broadband Internet access is with great business prospect.

Wafer Systems has long been dedicated in the Wireless Access market, we can help you deploy your Wi-Fi with our Wireless Network Products, Operation Support Software and Public Service Affiliated Application Systems.

Solution Benefits

Wireless Access is an economic and fast-deployed approach to realize broadband network access. With Wireless Access, carriers can provide their users with more flexible Internet access, meet users’ various broadband requirements and realize the business integration of voice and data. For enterprises, they can build a manageable, operational, safe and reliable wireless broadband access network, strengthening the management and controlling of network, users and business as well as the billing and supervising methods. An excellent operation model is essential for better development. We provide a set of wireless deployment solution and services based on mainstream wireless products, which has taken key factors such as Wireless Spectrum Design, Wireless User Management and Wireless Device Management into consideration.

Solution Description

The Mobo+WiFi solution provided by Wafer Systems leverages the networking pattern with the Next Generation AP+ Cloud Controller, offering centralized operation, visibility and controlling functions for you. Smart wireless access to the Internet can be realized without extra controller or duplicated management software, reducing cost and complexity. As an innovative Cloud management solution, Mobo+WiFi could help lots of enterprises in different industries to deploy Wi-Fi conveniently, especially for public Wi-Fi owners like department stores, retailers, shopping malls, restaurants, exhibitions, hospitals and schools.

MoboAccess is a WLAN access point for enterprise level Cloud management, specially designed for the challenging enterprise network. With the latest 802.11ac and 802.11n technologies, MoboAccess can meet the strict requirements on throughput and reliable signal coverage from business applications. MoboAccess can provide complete visibility and control functions for users on devices and applications. Lots of function combinations are pre-set by default.


1. Plug and Play

MoboAccess devices can start to work only with access to public or private Cloud, local AC deployment is not needed.

MoboAccess has built in various network services like Firewall/DHCP/NAT and supports various WAN port address allocation methods like PPPoE/DHCP/Static/PPTP. You can deploy your Wi-Fi with only one cable.

2. Wireless Optimization

MoboAccess has functions to support application layer acceleration and smart broadcast speed-up, prevent terminal drag and low-velocity terminal access, optimize high density access and prohibit DHCP requests from being sent to wireless terminal etc.

3. Wireless Relay Bridge

MoboAccess supports point-to-point and point-to-multipoint relay and 2.4G and 5.8G wireless backhaul.

4. 4. Wi-Fi Probe and LBS

MoboAcess is built with wireless probe and supports both AP and WiFi probe modes.

The MoboLBS module on the Cloud adopts specific WiFi LBS location algorithm and server. A wireless network built with MoboAccess can easily adopt LBS service based on Wi-Fi. Through the MoboLBS on the Cloud, user density and terminal real time positioning can be viewed.

5. Multi-Network and Multi-Group Support

MoboAccess supports grouping based on IP address segments. Different groups could access different portal pages with different login methods.

6. Smart QoS

MoboAccess can limit applications with high traffics while ensuring normal Internet access, which can guarantee the quality key services. Different groups could have different bandwidth.

7. Customized Portal Page

The Portal module on Cloud platform has built in dozens of templates; you can also customize your own portal page. Independent portal page could be set for each group and the portal pages could be set in batch. The portal pages will be saved on the Cloud.

8. Multiple Authentication Methods

Along with the Portal module, MoboAccess supports multiple authentication methods through Wechat, SMS, QR Code, guest visitor or free access etc. Limits by domain, MAC and IP address are also supported.

9. User Behavior Recording

User behavior information like URL visited, application using time and traffics can be recorded.

10. Application Firewall

MoboAccess can realize access control on application level, more than 30 mainstream application libraries are supported.

11. WEB Page Insertion

You can insert customized content in the standard web page such as a hover button etc. You can also customize the function, link or service call buttons.

12. Rich Statistic Data

Comprehensive statistics and analysis by time period covering portal page views, ads clicks, Wechat login times, SMS login times etc.

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