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We offer Data Center solutions covering Network Architecture Design, Infrastructure Planning, DR Architecture Design and IT Service Management Planning etc. In addition to these traditional DC services, we also provide Hyper-Converged Cloud Computing services to help enterprises quickly improve the availability, scalability, reliability and security of their data centers.

Traditional IT Infrastructure Solution

Taking supporting enterprise business development as the prerequisite, the IT Infrastructure Strategic Planning and Design Solution could help enterprises to overall plan their IT infrastructure, including server and storage architecture, network architecture, Disaster Recovery (DR) architecture, Information Security architecture, data center infrastructure etc.

Wafer Systems can provide flexible customization services from depth to width specifically for requirements of different business area. Comprehensive solutions for Network Architecture Planning and Design, Data Center Infrastructure Planning, DR Architecture Planning and Design, IT Service Management Planning are offered.

Network Architecture Planning and Design

We can help you to fully leverage your resources, improve IT network reliability, security and service quality, ensuring a high quality enterprise core network environment.

DAS/NAS/SAN Storage Architecture Design and Construction

We can provide solutions respectively based on following storage architecture for different application requirements:

DAS (Direct Attached Storage) attaches storage directly, meaning to connect the storage devices to a server via the bus (SCSI, PCI, IDE etc.). DAS is attractive to small enterprises for its low acquisition cost and simple configuration.

NAS adopts the traditional Ethernet protocol and when it comes to file sharing, it utilizes NFS and CIFS to connect to NT and Unix systems. As both NFS and CIFS are file sharing protocols based on operating system, NAS performs better on small file level sharing. NAS storage devices connect to the Ethernet directly and provide file services to the client via standard network file systems like NFS, SMB/CIFS over TCP/IP interfaces. Though providing file level service to the

SAN (Storage Area Network) is a kind of high-speed, storage operation dedicated network, usually it is independent to the LAN (Local Area Network). SAN connects the host and storage devices and provides dedicated communication channel for any hosts and storage devices on it. SAN separates the storage devices from services and realizes server-level storage resource sharing. SAN introduces channel technology and network technology into storage environment and provides a new style of network storage solution, which can simultaneously meet the requirements on throughput, availability, reliability, scalability and manageability.


Virtualization means to abstract physical resources into a logical resource pool via the virtualization technology. Server virtualization is no longer restricted to physical boundaries but changes the hardware like CPU, memory, disk and I/O to a dynamically managed “resource pool”, so as to improve the resource utilization, simplify management, integrate servers and bring IT adaptability for business. Desk virtualization saves the computing and storage resources needed by the personal desktop environment in data centers to replace local computing and storage of the terminal. This allows access to personal desktop system from the internet from any time anywhere on any devices. Based on years of professional experience on Virtualization, Wafer Systems provide the best Virtualization solution for enterprises to help improve IT infrastructure resource utilization, enhance infrastructure application and management level, realize dynamic resource optimization and eventually bring benefits on IT management.

High Availability Architecture Design

High Availability refers to the server cluster technology with purpose to reduce server interruption (downtime), it aims to ensure the uninterrupted operation or reduce the operating time of business system. Based on different applications, Wafer Systems can provide enterprises with system-level, architecture-level and application-level architecture design and construction with high availability, high security, high manageability and high performance. We help you to avoid business interruption caused by single point failure of server, network and application etc.

Disaster Recovery Solution

IT systems have been widely applied to the business world. Enterprise activities like manufacturing, service providing and decision making are increasingly dependent on IT systems. Users’ ability to withstand damage to critical data and key business systems caused by IT failure is getting lower and lower. The Business Continuity solution can help enterprises to recover from disasters and realize 7x24 hour uninterrupted system and application availability. The necessity to build DR system, develop DR plan to ensure business continuity, ensure availability of critical business process and information system and reduce risks related to downtime is increasing.

Based on years of professional experience in Disaster Recovery and to meet requirements from different industries, Wafer Systems provide the best DR solutions from the bottom of storage data to the top of application data and from single data center to multiple data centers. We help enterprises to minimize system downtime and improve business continuity.

The Business Continuity DR Solution includes:

Hyper-Converged Cloud Computing Solution

The hyper-converged architecture combines the advantages of infrastructure, horizontal expansion architecture and software-defined storage, providing outstanding data center virtualization experience while costing only a small part of that of the traditional server and storage architecture. The hyper-converged architecture is a kind of computing and storage infrastructure with horizontal scalability. It enables enterprises to realize data center virtualization without storage network (SAN or NAS). It provides comprehensive computing and storage capabilities as well as enterprise level performance, scalability, availability and data management function. Within this architecture, nodes connects with each other via Gigabit network, each node adopts industrial standard hardware components like solid state disk and advanced management programs. The hyper-converged architecture provides a turnkey solution, making data center virtualization extremely simple and effective.

Cloud Computing is not only technology but also the innovation of service model. The higher efficiency, flexibility and scalability brought by Cloud Computing are based on the changes of overall IT field. Its technology and application are related to various aspects of hardware system, software system, application system, operation management and service model etc. In the Internet era, along with the expanding of network business, it is important to improve infrastructure agility and ensure business flexibility while maintain relatively high service level and meet requirements from mission critical workload. The solution should also guarantee no increase or less increase of budget.

The pain points of current enterprise IT infrastructure include:
1) Low resource utilization rate and high energy consumption;
2) High investment cost;
3) Isolated resource and low utilization rate;
4) Long testing period for new business release with low efficiency;
5) Resource reservation and scalability are not enough without capability to handle with IT requirements caused by emergent business peak.
6) The complexity of multi-vendor hardware heterogeneous integration and management is getting higher and higher.

The core value of Wafer Systems Hyper-Converged Cloud Computing Solution includes:
1) Lower TCO
2) Higher business deployment efficiency
3) Improve business growth and profitability
4) Better reliability and stability
5) Simply operation and release IT resources
6) Break through the traditional IT infrastructure and realize large scale elastic expansion and linear performance improvement

Based on the overall business development target, expansion and management requirements and according to the industry best practices, Wafer Systems will evaluate and plan enterprise’s requirements in detail and provide consulting on concept design, function design, component design and architecture design to build a base for future product recommendation and specific solution design. Following is the process of consulting:

Due to the long construction period of overall infrastructure, most enterprises need to develop relatively reliable forecast and more flexible overall architecture design. Therefore, the optimization of IT infrastructure to achieve maximum efficiency has been a key problem for them to consider.

Wafer Systems can help enterprises gradually improve current IT infrastructure mainly from the aspects of availability, scalability, reliability, security, performance and function etc.

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