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Wafer Systems Work Together with CISCO to Build the CISCO (Guangzhou) Smart City

The Guangzhou PanYu Investment Seminar for CISCO Greater China Partners was held on 4th Jan. 2017. Together with CISCO and other 10 partners, Wafer Systems officially signed the letter of intent. All the parties will work together to build the CISCO (Guangzhou) Smart City with economic volume exceeding one hundred billion RMB.

The construction of the CISCO (Guangzhou) Smart City will start in Xinzhao Town, in future, there will be a CISCO Smart City covering 3.59 square kilometers rising in the area of Xinzhao Town and Nancun Town. The project annual output is expected to achieve 100 billion Yuan.

According to the plan, firstly, within 3 years, CISCO will build a new landmark building in Panyu: the CISCO Office Building, which will become a landscape on the extension of Guangzhou central axis. Secondly, 24 hectares of land in the area will be used for economic development to attract more Fortune 500 companies to join.

Wafer Systems will work together with CISCO to build the CISCO (Guangzhou) Smart City. Meanwhile, Wafer Systems will also provide smart network and security services as well as smart applications for the enterprises and public institutions within the City, helping Panyu to realized industrial upgrade and facilitating Guangzhou industrial innovation and transformation.

The Guangzhou PanYu Investment Seminar for CISCO Greater China Partners

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