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Maintenance Service

The completion of network construction guarantees neither smooth running nor meeting future development trend. Unexpected issues always exist during the network running, which eventually impact the normal business. Therefore, network maintenance is absolutely necessary and pressing for any enterprises in this new economic era. However, not every enterprise can afford to maintain the network by its own technology and human resource, professional services become a need. Wafer Systems provides flexible services from multiple angels to help enterprises ensure smooth network operation.

Our maintenance services are categorized according to different service time periods from 5x8 to 7x24 with different SLA, thus to meet the requirements from different enterprises and ensure service quality and efficiency.

Maintenance Service Scope

Remote Support: we set up specific hotline to provide remote technical supports and answer technical questions.

Fault Disposal: when any faults occur in enterprise network, we diagnose remotely and provide onsite technical supports according to the SLA. Our fault disposal service covers network fault diagnosis and debug, software upgrade, spare part replacement etc. We offer different levels of fault disposal services according to enterprise requirements.

Software Upgrade:With the authorization from device manufacturers, our clients can obtain the latest version software and upgrade service from us.

Hardware Warranty:if any faults happen to the hardware under warranty, we will help replace the broken parts and go through the warranty process for our clients.

Regular Inspection:during the service period, we will check the network devices regularly onsite and provide inspection report to help our clients understand the network status and hidden threats for active prevention.

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