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In the Internet age an enterprise wins only with technology, speed and efficiency. More and more decision makers have learned that scientific project management could help them improve program progress, reduce risk exposure and avoid huge lost from mistakes. As the industry leading network integration service provider, Wafer Systems develops a set of unique project management methodology based on deep research and rich experience. We fully understand the importance of network on supporting enterprise business operation and always guarantee project delivery on demand and on time. From constructing a new network to upgrading or expanding current network, from traditional routing solution to the latest cloud computing technology, our service team could fulfill your requirements with professional attitude and excellent technical capability.

Based on previous service experience, we formed our methods on improving project quality and our guideline on ensuring successful project implementation. The Wafer Systems Project Management Guideline refers to the industry-wide standard PMBOK from Project Management Institute (PMI) and leverages related project management tools to ensure effective project implementation and monitoring.

We take effective communication and coordination as the keys for project management and strengthen risk profile, quality monitoring and change control to ensure expected project delivery. Our project management service covers scope management, time management, resource management, communication management, quality management, risk management and overall management.

Project Scope Management:

Scope management covers the processes to ensure delivery of required scope, including requirement definition, scope definition, scope implementation, change control and scope verification etc. An important output of project initiating is Project Charter, which roughly defines the project scope and is an important basis for future work. Based on the results of project scope planning, we breakdown the deliverables into smaller and easy-managed units, which is called Work Breakdown Structure (WBS). During the implementation, we will control and adjust the WBS to meet project requirements.

Project Time Management:

Reasonable Project Time Management is critical to successful project management. It aims to ensure on-time delivery, reasonable resource allocation and best working efficiency. It includes processes of activity definition, activity sequencing, activity resource estimation, activity duration estimation and schedule development. At the beginning of project, there should be clear project objective, deliverable scope definition and WBS. All necessary work to complete the project should be listed based on experience with expert validation to develop feasible project schedule. There should be monitoring on project progress to find and fix deviations and mistakes timely. During the progress monitoring, there should be consideration on factors and changes that impact schedule. Practical measures should be taken when changes happen on the schedule to ensure project could be completed according to the plan.

Project HR Management:

The Project HR Management plays an important role to complete the project in time and with high quality. The project organization should manage the reserved human resources with scientific planning, training, reasonable allocation, correct evaluation and appropriate incentives. The human resources should be with unity and proactivity to achieve the targets successfully.

Project Communication Management:

During the project implementation, Project Communication Management involves various aspects like communication plan development, communication channel, project reporting etc. Through the development of communication plan, the regular project progress report, communication channel, report receivers and regular meetings will be defined, ensuring smooth communication with stakeholders. The project information will be extracted, collected, communicated, stored and managed timely and correctly.

Project Quality Management:

In Wafer Systems’ quality management system, Project Quality Management includes quality planning, quality assurance, quality control and quality improvement etc. Our quality management system controls project quality with related processes like system integration process, service control process, change control and risk control etc.

Project Risk Management:

The Project Risk Management includes risk management plan, risk identification, qualitative risk analysis, quantitative risk analysis, risk response plan and risk monitoring and control. Project risk management is a dynamic process in which related work are cross and overlapped. Wafer Systems emphasizes risk management on risk identification, analysis and response. Risk management goes throughout each project phase. To prevent risks from existing, remove existing risk factors and reduce risk event occurrence, we have to keep strengthening risk management, analyzing risk causes and taking controlling measures, only in this way can we ensure successfully achievement of project objectives.

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