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Evaluation Service

Network Optimization Service (NOS) aims to optimize Network Performance, improve Network Scalability, ensure Network Availability and enhance ROI.

The smooth deployment of network technologies and high efficiency operation are critical to business success. Wafer Systems designs NOS to support enterprises to deploy, extend and operate their networks successfully and improve the network reliability and performance. We help you understand the current status and develop strategy for future network development, empower your network and boost your business.

Network Planning & Design Service

To support enterprises’ business development plan and office requirements, we develop a forward-looking, stable, flexible, reliable, safe and economical network planning solution and a set of design standards.

Our services include:

Network Health Check and Performance Optimization Services

With advanced network analysis and fault diagnosis devices, our experienced network experts collect your network data, analyze and provide statistic analysis report for you. We evaluate the current network performance and capacity, dig out the bottleneck, possible threats and unreasonable routing strategies and provide the optimization suggestions for you to improve your network performance, scalability and availability.

Network Security Check Service

Based on special network security checking tools and expertise, we help you find out the security threats and loopholes in your network and suggest fixing actions.

Network Fault Investigation Support Service

With advanced network analysis and fault diagnosis devices, our experts help you quickly identify the network fault points and recover the normal operation.

Network Performance Statistic Service

By deploying special performance statistic software and tool, we provide you with specific network performance analysis report to evaluate the network efficiency and ROI.

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