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In the way of service leasing, WebEx SaaS can address your real time communication requirements on multi-point voice conference, document sharing, video conference and interaction etc. Attendees can use their own computers, smart phones and tablets to join the meeting from anywhere with access to the Internet. They can communicate with other attendees via voice or video with their headsets and cameras. During a WebEx meeting, attendees can not only see the sharing content from speakers, but also interact with other by using text chat, video, whiteboard, group discussion, voting and test functions.

Service Benefits

Online Meeting Instant and Fast Sharing of Opinions and Information Focus on Your Business not the Software

WebEx solution is serving you in the SaaS way, thus neither new servers nor worries on maintenance and supports are needed as they have been covered in the service you ordered.

Service Advantages

Real-time and Easy Access

Users can achieve real time communication with anyone who has access to the Internet at anytime from anywhere. The service is commonly being used for remote meeting, video conference, remote training, technical supports and sales assistance etc.

Start Your Meeting with Any Devices

Users can join meeting from different OS including mobile devices with iOS, Android or Blackberry systems, as long as they have downloaded the APP and have access to the Internet.

Excellent Service and Support

From overall training and support to flexible package and pricing, WebEx focuses on maximize your working efficiency.

World-Class Technology

WebEx builds on-demand applications on an incomparable global infrastructure, aiming to enhance performance and achieve the “always on” reliability.

Highest Level Security and Confidentiality

WebEx encrypts each online meeting to ensure your confidentiality; no information will be leaked unless you would like to record the meeting for other usage.

TelePresence Video Conference Cloud Service

Via the Cisco High Definition Video Conference System deployed on mainstream carrier network, our clients can hold HD video conference at anytime from anywhere without huge investment in building self-owned system. The TelePresence as a Service (TPaaS) leasing way could greatly relieve the cost pressure.

Service Benefits

High Quality:A unique face-to-face experience is created with life-size HD video, high quality voice and environment.

Convenience:Users can easily start a meeting with the user friendly features. By integrating with calendar tools like Microsoft Outlook, users can start the meeting with only one click, and due to the familiarity on those tools, less user training and IT supports are needed.

Reliability:High reliability is guaranteed with full leverage of high availability network and IP infrastructure.


Users can efficiently communicate with their customers, partners and colleagues to build up trust and relationship with each other. They can focus on the meeting but not technology and achieve natural communication just as in a face-to-face meeting.

We can help you improve working efficiency by increasing interaction and reduce business trip.

The service helps you better allocate resources and speed up your product launch and decision making, not only save more time but also improve working efficiency and work-life balance, making the IT staffs focus more on strategic projects but not on basic operation.

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