Typical Cases

  • Wafer Systems audio & video meeting solutions have assisted Guangfa to build an unattended self-service network system, with which China Guangfa Bank has become the first unattended self-service bank.

  • Wafer’s smart network, smart meeting management, smart signage and smart wireless solutions have helped SAIC Volkswagen establish modern and smart Internet-based plants.

  • Wafer’s smart network, smart wireless, unified collaboration and security management solutions have make SOHO 3Q a leader of the smart and mobile Internet-based office industry.

  • Wafer’s smart workspace solution has helped Pfizer realize smart and mobile office businesses in Beijing Office, Shanghai Office and other offices, dramatically reducing its office renting cost.

  • Wafer’s smart meeting management and smart signage solutions have assisted Sanofi to manage more than 100 meeting rooms conveniently and efficiently, which has effectively improved the utilization efficiency of its meeting rooms.

  • Wafer’s mobile office portal solution has helped AVIC integrate dozens of businesses and management systems and migrate them to mobile terminals so as to build a convenient, efficient and safe mobile office environment.

  • Wafer Systems solutions such as unified communication, meeting room management, smart signage and document management have assisted it to build comprehensive smart offices.

  • Wafer’s triage and queue management system, smart signage, and remote consultation/video meeting solutions have helped to realize smart treatment and remote consultation.

  • Wafer’s smart wireless, unified communication, telepresence and other solutions have helped to establish a modern, smart network system and a remote consultation platform.

  • Wafer’s smart network, smart wireless and data center solutions have helped to build a smart and safe international-level campus network.

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