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Wafer Systems provides solutions for 3 layers from Network Infrastructure Construction, Network Operation Management and Network Value-added Applications, covering IP Network Construction, Network Security, Network Optimization, Data Center, UC Network, Video Application Network, Automatic Production Network etc.

Solution Benefits

We actively involved in the lifecycle of new style enterprise network construction and help you to build the best performance enterprise private network. Based on our rich experience on network construction and in-depth understanding of enterprise application requirements, we develop the service concept of Smart Network. Different from the traditional system integration practices, at the very beginning of the network construction, we will consider and plan your future application requirements, thus to construct a safe, high availability and scalability but still low cost Smart Network with easy management and operation, supporting your current and future business.

For years we devoted ourselves to constructing a safe, efficient and low cost network infrastructure supporting various value-added applications and services with easy operation and management for enterprises. A value-added network can help you not only address your own business requirements, but also provide value-added services to your customers. The value-added network infrastructure can save your operational cost and ensure manageable operation with QoS by fully leveraging existing resources.

Solution Description

High Speed IP Bearer Network

Currently the IP bearer networks of domestic carriers are providing IP Metropolitan Area Network (MAN) that supports transmission of voice, data, video and multi-media etc. For example, they can offer products like high speed Internet access, IP call, line leasing and wholesale, IP-VPN, conference TV, e-Commerce, VOD etc., as well as dedicated Internet access, enterprise private broadband network, Internet data center, domestic dedicated line and voice dedicated line for business users.

In terms of network planning and construction, the MAN should focus on running broadband business to meet the requirements on multiple business access and reliable services. As a general business platform, the MAN should provide not only broadband access service, but also broadband value-added services. New business should be developed based on different customer groups.

Wafer Systems cooperates with mainstream manufactures in the market to provide service on high speed IP bearer network construction, which could meet different architectures based on IMS or NGN. The network is adapted to the emerging multi-media communication requirements and also follows the trend of business mobilization and individualization, ensuring your customers can enjoy consistent services from anywhere. We could help you to address different customers’ different business requirements.

Data Center and Storage

At present, carrier IDCs are till focusing on basic services like hosting and room leasing, the IDC value-added services are not fully developed, resulting in less product variety for users. Meanwhile, increasing electricity cost and less and less room space have become the biggest challenges for carriers, IDC energy saving is now a pressing requirements. IDC is a key for business transformation, therefore, carriers should take the opportunity and adjust service strategy to form core competency during the strategic transformation.

Under this background, Wafer Systems provides an operational IDC solution covering IDC High Speed Core Network, QoS Measurement and Guaranteed Deployment, Content Push Network, Application Measurement and Acceleration Network, Security Protection, Unified Electrical and Mechanical Environment Monitoring, Remote KVM Deployment, Virtualized Computing Deployment etc. We can support IDC owners to provide various new types of IDC and EDC businesses like:

Our IDC and EDC solution is developed with following features: synergized with your DC philosophy and business model; widely integrated and verified; advantages on network deployment and system level management; leverage of Cisco data center network service and Cisco world-class collaborating and testing lab.

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